Furniture Promotions

Furniture Promotions At ACA TV & Radio Production, we specialize in furniture promotions that get results for our clients. We have a wider range of services to choose from in order to get those results, including TV commercials, radio advertising, direct mail marketing strategies, and more. If you’d like to learn more about the services we offer, give us a call or connect with us online.

Bruce Fogleman Working In The Film Industry
I have always been an inspired film maker! That's why I have been in Video production so long. When I was in Jr. Hi and High school I used to produce movies on film..(What's That) with My brothers super 8 movie Camera  with sound mind you. The Neighborhood kids would always work as my actors and crew. I have been to Los Angeles where I was lucky enough to be an extra on Seinfeld back in 1993,  other than that I was just another face in a very large crowd!  When Atlanta jumped into the film business I felt like I at least I had to try. So 30 yrs later in my 50s I decided why not!

Evgeny Vizelman Director
Located in Melbourne, Australia, Evgeny Vizelman, Director of business, is available for your upcoming project. Offering a host of skills to ensure your successful project, Evgeny Vizelman is highly experienced in International Business Development. Please Visit Evgeny’s online portfolio at for a closer look at everything Mr. Vizelman has to offer your project.